Meet Our Staff


Jennifer Maciej

Founder and Owner of AEC

Jennifer Maciej is a Certified Equine Canada Coach, she is also a certified western rider level tester. Jennifer is a certified CCC (Canadian Cowboy Challenge) judge. Jen is also a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher. She is working on obtaining her EFW (Equine Facilitated Wellness) dual certification as an EP/LP (Equine Professional/ Learning Professional). Jennifer is a certified EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) facilitator. Meaning that sessions could be groundwork, observation or mounted. A strong emphasis on horsemanship will be present. Aiming to set goals using a journal and potentially using a combination of EFW with EC’s (Equine Canada's) P’tit Trot program. Jennifer is able to partner with a MHP (Mental Health Practitioner). The age range would be 7 plus, with a focus on people ages 7-14. Jennifer Maciej is a level 2 certified CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance) instructor and level 2 CADS (Canadian Adaptive SnowSports) instructor (skiing). Jennifer has skied most of her life and spent the last 7 years as a professional instructor.

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Zoey Losey

Farm hand

Zoey is 17 years old and has been involved in the horse industry her whole life. Zoey enjoys working with and caring for animals; as she has been around them for her whole life she is also very experienced in horse care and maintenance. She is a certified Equine Production Technician. Zoey has recently graduated high school.