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Resources & Partnerships

At AEC we pride ourselves on working closely with other equine professionals to ensure the best care is given to our equine clients and our own equines. Here you can find different organizations, businesses, and resources we use to ensure the quality of care that our clients hold us to. From equine feed regiments to rider and horse therapies to somatics and energy work. We try our best to think of it all when it comes to helping our equine partners and clients receive the best care possible.

Feed Store To Your Door

feed store to your door.jpg

We delivery direct to your feedroom on a regular rotation cycle.   Feedstore to-your-door inc is a nutrition and farm supply company for pets, horses, and livestock.
Our retail customers appreciate our high quality products, excellent service, and high level of nutrition knowledge.

Iron Horse Hemp Products

iron horse 2.jpg

Iron Horse offers simple, sustainable and transformative equine nutrition with 100% Alberta-produced hemp seed supplements. Hemp seed contains the omega fatty acids and high-quality, digestible protein to help your horse look, feel and perform their best at any age or performance level. From our soil to your barn, Iron Horse's mother-daughter led team of growers, distributors and equine pros makes sure your horse gets high-quality, fresh hemp seed oil and meal while promoting sustainable agriculture and rural revitalization. Visit | to learn more.

Becky's Back To Basics

Becky has worked as a massage therapist for 19 years. She has also been doing horse body work for 15 years; and has been working with horses for 30 years. These ventures have led her to also do horse and rider integrated body work for 7 years. Becky is sort of a "jack of all trades", whatever you need Becky seems to have experience in that department! All in all, Becky strives to help her human clients and her equine clients get the best care possible so they can work together as a team.

Somatic Rider & Energy Medicine

Lisa's passion is empowering women with tools to bring more balance and freedom to their lives. Through Essential Somatics and Eden Method we can address tension and pain, hormones, stress and the multitude of issues that appear as a result. As a Centered Riding Instructor, Lisa works with riders incorporating awareness exercises both on and off the horse, as well as bringing the above modalities to a lesson. Riders develop a whole new awareness to movement, feel, and balance, and to their connection with their horse, creating wonderful confidence in the partnership.

Priebe Psychological Services

Diane Priebe M.Ed., R.Psych., Certified Hakomi Therapist, Equine-Facilitated Wellness student (in process for certification). 

Click the button below to learn more about Diane and her practice.

Wave Works
 Magna Wave PEMF therapy

Laurie is a certified practitioner for human, equine and small animal.

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